About Sprinkles

Sprinkles is the brainchild of Consumer Scientist and Pastry Chef, Allyson Cairns, and was established in early 2011.

Allyson has had a strong passion for baking from an early age, and this filtered through into her work experience in the FMCG market. With a generous helping of determination, love and dedication to all things delicious; this baking buff made the choice to share her passion.

Sprinkles baking ensures stirring cupfuls of love and a pinch of passion into every product that comes out of her kitchen.

Sprinkles Bakery

Customer Reviews



"The cake was just too divine and was polished (not a crumb left)! The proof is in the pudding! Yum."



"Thank you so much for the beautiful and tasty cakes and cupcakes, everybody raved about them!"



"Your cake was a hit - and possibly the most delicious chocolate cake ever!"